The Little Book of Big Lap Dogs

The Little Book of Big Lap Dogs

Willow Creek Press

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Little lap dogs may be all the craze, but those who own larger dogs know that they demand lap attention as much as any petite pup. All of the Golden Retrievers, Labs, Boxers, Bulldogs, Shelties, and other big dogs might look strong and imposing on the outside, but their owners know otherwise. Inside, all dogs love to cuddle, snuggle, nuzzle, and hug, and you might even catch them wearing a sweater or two! The fun and funny photographs and text in this book showcase big dogs being big softies, proving that the larger breeds love to be babied too.
  • 5.5" x 5.5"
  • 96 pages
  • Editor and designer Andrea Donner
  • Cover photo Bonnie Nance
  • Willow Creek Press


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