Slap Happy Pogo Plush Toy - Large

Slap Happy Pogo Plush Toy - Large

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Featuring a patent-pending design that provides the bounce-back action many dogs prefer over traditional stuffed plush toys, Pogo Plush fleece toys are irresistible. Stuffing free and built with inner rubber scaffolding, dogs can't tear instantly into their new fleece toy, pull out all the stuffing, and kill the squeaker. This fleece-covered bounceable squeezable soft dog toy also has three sturdy fleece legs on either side perfect for tugging play. The body of the Slap Happy Pogo Plush toy hides a free-floating squeaker, so the toy stays squeakier, longer. Large Slap Happy Pogo Plush toy measures 25"L x 5.5"W x 2.5"H.
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