Santa's Little Pals Golden Retriever Ornament

Santa's Little Pals Golden Retriever Ornament

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Our Santa's Little Pals Golden Retriever ornament is hand painted with a tiny brush to really accentuate each and every detail of the Golden Retriever. There are bright gold snowflakes and clear sparkling beads embroidered on the soft red felt stocking giving it that Christmas glitz and glamour. It's a full bodied dog inside with the Golden Retriever's head and paws peeking out of the top of the stocking while the rest of its body is hidden inside the stocking giving it a unique and adorable touch that other ornaments don't. There is also a beautiful red ribbon placed over the Golden Retriever's head to hang from your tree. The entire Golden Retriever is hand crafted with durable poly resin to ensure it holds its perfect appearance throughout the years. These are a great way to pay homage to your furry friend and show his or her value in your home and family. Ornament measures 4" tall and 2" wide.

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Golden Retriever


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